Sunday, October 01, 2006

My friend Mike has moved back to Tucson from Chicago after a seven year absence. Tonight I introduced him to The Amazing Race- he now understands why I don't answer the phone when that show is on.

An apparently Amazing coincidence- Mike is living with a woman with nine cats. Back in 2000 I had to find a home for two of Mama Cat's kittens- Blackey and Gefiltefish (I know, I know, weird name for a cat, someone at work suggested it). I put an ad in the paper and this woman called and I took the kittens over and she wanted them. Apparently, six years later, this is the woman Mike is living with. How odd is that?

It is nice to have Mike back, the last year has seen a lot of my close friends move away. I'm not a very good person at being alone, I like to be around people. I get lonely real easy, and sometimes when it is quiet and the phone doesn't ring I get a bit sad. The last couple of months have been really good because Brady has been staying part time at my house while Patrick's place is remodeled. So I haven't been so lonely.

Jesus, if they wrote a country song about me right now it would be "Lonesome Homer and his Long Lost Pussies."

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