Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Several bloggers have written on the outing of Senator Craig of Idaho, who is supposedly a tearoom, gloryhole, down on his knees cocksucker. Oh my! Comments on these entries run the gamut from "Yes, out him!" to "Oh, leave the poor, sorry cocksucker alone!"

So back in 1994 or 1995 I'm living here with in Tucson with my roommate "R." "R" tells me someone is coming over to visit. Ring! It's the doorbell. Who is it? Why, it's my Congressman, the Hon. Jim Kolbe (R). Coming over for a little kissy face man-on-man action with "R."

I was livid. Kolbe was a closeted homosexual at the time. He was well known in Tucson for chasing after younger men. He went on in 1996 to vote yes on the Defense of Marriage Act. His reasoning was that the majority of his constituents were in favor of it.

The Advocate told him they were outing him afterwards, so he stepped forward and came out himself. Since that time he has become an advocate for gay rights, despite the fact that the majority of his constituents don't agree with him on that issue.

Sometimes I wish I had outed him. He voted for DOMA, but doesn't have to worry about its provisions because he has a juicy congressional pension to support himself on after he retires from Congress in 2007 (something like 100,000+ a year).

So I say out the closet case Republican congressmen, out their staff members too. Ostracize them. People didn't make all nicey-nice with the people who collaborated with the Nazis during World War II did they? Closet case fags who work against homosexual civil rights are traitors and should be outed and shunned.

An interesting fact, if you search Kolbe's website for the word "homosexual" you get nada, nothing, negatory. I guess we don't exist.

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