Sunday, November 05, 2006

Brian came down from Phoenix and spent the afternoon watching me do errands. We were going to the All Souls Day Procession and I spent about twenty minutes making four signs.

Gregg and Ray.

At the parade route we ran into Gregg and Ray and I gave them two of the signs. I carried "The Iraq War 2003- " and Brian had "The Republican Congress 1994-2006." A very large number of people stopped and photographed the four of us. If it doesn't sound too snotty, I will say that they came out very well.

Parade goers.

Thousands of people attend the event. We ran into Chris and Jim, among many others. Somehow I missed Patrick and Brady, although they apparently saw me. The parade is meant to memorialize the dead and the saddest thing I saw was a shrine made for a young man named Tim, a friend of friends of mine, who died a few months ago when he was hit by a car in a crosswalk.

Dearly departed bride.

Brian will be posting a lot better pictures of the people in the parade. It seemed smaller than last year, with fewer homemade altars. There was a grand piano on wheels, that was pretty amazing.

Brian and Homer.

Afterwards I made Brian pizza and he's on his way back to Phoenix. I'm in my new jammies and it is bedtime for me.

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