Thursday, November 16, 2006

Some places I have lived:

- Grand Tetons National Park, Wyoming- did an archaeology dig on the floor of Jackson Lake when it was drained for repairs to the dam. We had a pair of moose living next to our cabin.

- Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan- my father moved us up there in August 1979. I think it started snowing in September.

- Fairview, Montana- best pizza I ever had, at the Powder Keg Cafe.

- Mountainair, New Mexico- was almost beat up at the Rosebud Bar because I made the mistake of wearing a pink polo shirt.

- Alexandria, Virginia- in an apartment building where a lot of expensive hookers lived. We'd see them in the elevator going on outcalls. One of my roommates asked me to talk to one to find out how much. I refused.

I've lived in Tucson the longest, 13.5 years. I've lived in my house now for seven years- that is the longest in one place except for the first house I remember, where I lived for nine years.

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