Wednesday, November 15, 2006

When I got to work this morning the electricity was out- a car had hit a pole somewhere nearby. Rather than sit around inside our pitch-black cubicles, three of my co-workers piled into the trusty gray Saturn and went to visit a site my company is digging.

After getting out of the car I put on my Amish straw hat. I'm trying to protect my balding head. Considering how much time I've spent in the sun, I've somehow escaped damaging my skin- I think it is because I'm greasy. I'm not the moisturizer kinda guy.

Amish hat.

We traipsed around examining 1000-year-old pit houses. The one below has an entrance projecting from one side, and a hearth, postholes, and a storage pit cutting through the floor. The superstructure- made of wood, grass, reeds, and mud is long gone.


Nearby, along a small wash, I found a bunch of native gourds- I'll post a picture tomorrow when I can photo them in the sun. I also saw a roadrunner and a bunch of Inca doves- but no alligators.

Nice way to spend a couple of hours

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