Wednesday, December 27, 2006

An ex told me I was fat. Sigh.

What compells people to tell you that sort of thing. I have been assured by other friends that I'm not fat. They must be telling the truth because these are the friends who are more than willing to tell me I'm going bald.

I tried to think of a snappy comeback like, "Well, XXXX, you are amazingly fit and handsome!" but that would be taking the high road and sometimes the one percent evil in me wants to be 99 percent mean and tasteless.

Yes, I could lose 10 pounds. Yes, I hate exercising alone. Yes, fancy laxatives and vomiting food up is really trendy among Hollywood Celebs, but I'm just a Tucson C-lister so I don't think that will happen.

Yummm, I just had leftover French bread pizza for lunch.

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