Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Scruff and Puff Tuesday.

Homer and Puff.

Ohmigod, why does Homer have a tie on? Answer: Because he can. About twice a year I wear a tie to work. It confuses everybody, since archaeologists are notoriously casual and sloppy dressers. Of course, I am also wearing sandals and socks, but you can't tell that by the photo.

Puff knows how to get the back door open if it isn't completely closed. So he'll use his claws to pull it open and then run outside and then totally freak because it is the outside with all those wierd smells and growing things and birds. But what is even more annoying is that Daddy always grabs him and takes him back inside because he doesn't want Puff to be a snack for some neighborhoodd dog or coyote. Or get fleas from Outside Kitty, who lives under the bush and glares at me if I don't keep his food bowl full.

So I've procrastinated enough, I guess it is time to hop in the Saturn (with a new back windshield!) and drive to work. Wonder what adventures I'll have today?

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