Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Guys were hot in the 1970s. Especially gay guys, with their big bushy moustaches and natural bodies.

As a kid they would show pictures of San Francisco Gay Pride on the news, Walter Cronkhite noting in his regal voice how many people attended. Of course the cameras focused on the drag queens, but usually a few "clones" would be there, dancing in their cut-off jean shorts.

Then there were the Village People, who everyone knew were gay, but no one really knew if they were really gay. As a kid the Construction Worker seemed the hottest, nowadays the Leather Daddy seems more appealing.

When the 1980s hit everything went to hell. Androgyny, preppies, the super-smooth look. I remember my best friend Les being horrified that I found hairy chests attractive. I was glad when that ended and guys could be regular guys again.

Wonder what will be considered "hot" in the future, what's your guess?

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