Sunday, January 07, 2007

Richard's birthday party was held at Mark A.'s house, outdoors on his patio. I admit, it was fricken cold, I am so aclimated to the usual warmth here.

I had gone in the afternoon to a hobby store and found a Visible Man kit. They were having a remote control buggy race at the hobby store. Holy Hot Daddy Alert! Which one to casually look at first? Or perhaps the beefy redhead employee? I needed a valium afterwards.

Richard and the as-yet-invisible Visible Man.

The party was lovely and despite the cold, I had a nice time. Richard was very pleased with his present, I'm pleased that I have a good sense of what people want for presents.

Mark and his doggie.

Spent today making a couple of loaves of bread, which are busy baking inside the Visibake. As I type this the smell is making my tummy rumble!

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