Sunday, January 28, 2007

So do you have a "type"? In talking with a couple of friends this last few days, the issue of having a physical type that they are attracted to came up. Person "X" likes really, really hairy guys. Person "Y" likes African-American or Mexican men. Person "Z" only dates plump blonde guys. And so on.

In some cases, this can be rather limiting (for example, if you lived in Alaska and were really into Brazilian hotties). Or sometimes it isn't- if you like Mexican guys, then Tucson is the place to be.

Makes me wonder how a type gets set and whether strict adherence to looking for this type can have consequences. As in, never finding what you want or when you have it, always on the look out for a better specimen of that type.

In looking at my past boyfriends, there really isn't a physical type:

1). smooth, extremely muscled brunette
2). furry stocky hockey player-engineer
3). smooth blonde German swimmer
4). furry, muscles English scientist
5). short, brunette, furry Jewish scientist
6). lean, brunette, former model
7). skinny, balding intellectual

I guess, I tend to go more for brains rather that a specific physical type. However, if I had to choose a certain look- furry, beefy redhead- that would be it.

So do you have a type?

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