Monday, February 19, 2007

How can you not love President's Day? Ohmigod, the slow build-up with the most excellent holiday cartoons. My favorite is the one where Rudolph goes back in time and meets Millard Fillmore, gosh the claymation is fabulous and when Franklin Pierce shows up I still get a little scared. I got up this morning and played "Hail to the Chief" while reciting all the presidents names in chronological order. Then I went to the store and bought theme paper napkins (James Monroe and Calvin Coolidge) for our party, where we played charades. I correctly guessed Rachel Jackson (everyone else thought it was Julia Tyler, so easy to make that mistake!). I wish every day could be this wonderful.

Honestly, President's Day is a waste-o-fuckin-time. I don't get the day off, no mail, no government services, not going to the stores to buy things on sale. So what's the point. And it is in February, who the fuck cares. Couldn't they at least put the day in June, when the weather is a bit nicer?

Other news, "No Snacks, No Shame" diet continues. Day 21- 203.5 (down from 212).

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