Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Post 1,199. Unfortunately, Tucson does not have a subway system or light rail. Sometimes, usually when I'm waiting at airports, I pull out a piece of paper and draw a map with my imaginery subway system. I invent names for the stations- the one nearest my house would be "Mission San Agustin" and the one nearest my workplace would be "Rillito." Up in Phoenix they are busy installing the first portion of their light rail. It comes very close to Adam's house. It will be fun to take a ride on it when it opens, whizzing past all of the cars.

I drive the trusty Saturn 4-door sedan to and from work, seven miles each way. I play a game- will I see someone I know? About two or three times a week I do. Tucson is still a small town, I guess.

My car is just a device to get me from A to B. I should wash it more, but figure I'm conserving water if I don't. The interior is grubby from dust and spilled diet Cokes and the fabric on the interior roof is ripped from past Holiday trees and other large items.

I didn't own a car until I was 30, rode my bike everywhere. But as Tucson's roads have become more crowded and people drive more aggressively or chat on cellphones, that isn't so safe anymore. I 'spose I could ride the bus, but have you ever seen a happy person at a bus stop here in Tucson? I haven't- everybody always looks grumpy.

If we had a subway system I could write funny stories about the people I saw. But instead I'll just write funny stories about myself.

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