Friday, March 02, 2007

I almost had Copier Rage today while at the historical society. I waited patiently while the idiot copied an article from a book. He went through an elaborate routine for each page, and seemed utterly perplexed that so many pages came out wrong. You'd think that the use of a copier machine by an adult would be pretty easy. Wrong.

He probably spent a half hour copying a dozen pages, blithely ignoring the people who needed to use the same fucking machine. I closed my eyes and imagined kicking him in the ass. Repeatedly. It would have been really satisfying to do so.

Compounding this was the fucking annoying librarian, my least favorite one there. He is deliberately rude and lazy and makes a big production out of doing his job. I know the other librarians dislike him, because he makes their jobs more difficult. I had to look at numerous files, and he gave a big sigh each time he handed one to me. It was all I could do to not tell him off in front of everyone. "Just do your fucking job." He's just putting his time in so he can retire.

Have I vented enough? Don't get me started on Snowbird drivers, people who wait for the last minute to write out a check at the supermarket, Home Depot employees, and so on.

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