Friday, March 02, 2007

American Idle. Brady was trying to tempt me last night with low-fat chocolate popsicles. My willpower overcame his vain efforts. The "No snacks, No shame" diet continues. I tried on a shirt today and see that I still have a little ways to go before complete contentment is obtained.

Brady is a big girl when watching American Idol. I wish I had taken a photo when they announced that the one guy was booted out and not that other one. Brady's mouth dropped to the floor and his squeals of protest were both loud and decidedly not one would expect to hear from a hirsute gentleman such as he.

Homer and Brady.

The quilt that Brady has draped over himself was made from scraps left over from the 1970s, when my mother was The Polyester Pantsuit Queen. That was truly a miracle fabric- never wrinkled, easy to clean. My mother had probably a dozen pantsuits and to this day regrets throwing the pattern away, because, well, they were so stylish.

Pantsuit quilt.

I think Brady would look very nice in a polyester pant suit, don't you agree?

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