Thursday, March 01, 2007

I asked Randy at his mother's memorial service if his sister-in-law had had plastic done. I'd already observed that there was enough Botox in the room to paralyze an elephant.

Really, this was the way someone's life should be celebrated- with a party with people standing around talking and laughing and living. Lois had a good life, and her kids adored her. She had many friends, most of whom she had made since moving to Tucson about 15 years ago. I remember going to her house for holidays, back when I was Randy's roommate, and she was always sweet to me, making me feel comfortable when I was so far from home.

Of course the Gays tend to cluster in these sort of events and I hung out with Scott and Don and we surveyed the crowd. The three of us honed in on tall, beefy, goateed Jewish straight man. Is it inappropriate to discuss how nice someone's butt is at a memorial service? And to discuss other, less refined topics?

If they hold a service after I keel over, I hope that after the get done praising me some of the gay guys stand around and tell some very, very naughty stories.

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