Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jimbo's Big Gay Tucson Adventure, version 3.

Many things to do, many things done. We walked over to the new archaeology dig, stopping to visit with the horses at the corral 500 ft from my front gate. On the way back I showed Jim the rock art and bedrock mortars, where mesquite pods were once pounded into flour, thousands of years ago.

Bedrock mortars.

Afterwards we visited with Bob and Steve and admired their beautiful 1893 adobe house.

Bob and Jimbo.

Little Miss Peaches always wants me to carry her around, and I do as I am barked.


Lunch at Rosa's with the waiter, George, very handsome in an Aztec prince kinda way. Then a stop at the Sweetwater Wetlands, where the ducks were plentiful and an enormous egret stood.

After a stop at Mexican Safeway I came home and made dinner for Jim, Chris, Jimbo, and Vincent. For dessert, yellow cake with vanilla-coconut whipped cream and fresh strawberries.

The Dessert.

The guys played Mousetrap afterwards, although the rules seemed much more complex than any of us remembered.


In other news, I was helping Jimbo with his family history and of course discovered that we are something like 15th cousins. He is also related to various royal families, including King Ferdinand (of Columbus and Queen Isabella fame). I always knew there was some Queen in him.

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