Saturday, March 17, 2007

So I'm spending this weekend doing spring cleaning- necessary because Jimbo is coming next week and I don't want him to shriek at the enormous dust bunnies hiding in the corners of rooms. First thing was a trip to the nursery, where I purchased flowers and vegetables. As usual, I bought more than I had room for in my pots, so someone at work is getting a mixture of flowers.

Vegetable garden, Spring 2007.

Seymour, the Artichoke, is busy growing. I moved a couple of small shrubs and planted seven tomatoes and a bell pepper. I have a couple of daffodils hiding beneath Seymour, avoiding the heat.


I've been pretty miserable the last few days- having a cold and massive allergies at the same time is just obnoxious, especially since I apparently have allergy-induced pinkeye in both eyes!

So anyways, the fridge is sparkling, the slipcovers and rugs are washed, I'm sweeping and mopping and everything will be tidy.

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