Thursday, April 26, 2007

At the Traverse City airport, I was right behind Carter Oosterhouse going through security. I know what color socks he put on this morning. He looks really good with three days of stubble, you can see he has a scar of the right side of his chin. He also has a very hairy chest, albeit it trimmed.

Carter's behind me.

I'm now back in Tucson and exhausted. I'll be going to bed way early.

It was spring time in Michigan and the last of the snow was melting and the flowers were starting to peek out. In the afternoon and evening the peepers (small frogs) chirped loudly. I picked up two painted turtles and placed them in Susan's pond.

Painted turtle.

A bunch of sandhill cranes nest near my sister's house- one likes to hang out in the pasture behind my mother's house (they live next door to each other). Last night I saw about eight in the field across the road. When they call to each other, it is pretty amazing. Jimbo can do a good imitation of it.

Sandhill cranes.

My mother's new toy poodle, Darby, was a bone of contention. It is very poorly house trained and has peed all over the carpets in Mummy's house. She is just about 75 and has a very poor sense of smell. The place reeked- it was awful. The damn thing tried to pee on me too.

Mummy at the mailbox.

We went down and got my Amish brother and brought him over to Susan's house to fix fences.


My brother joined the Amish church 10 years ago and is content living a 1850s lifestyle. I convinced him to take a picture of his dog with my digital camera:


Bub raises hogs. One of the boars bit him badly last year and he still walks with a slight limp.

Mama pig.

The baby pigs were cute. I try not to think about what is going to happen to them.

Baby pigs.

My sister Susan coaxed Ya-Who to come up to the fence right before we came back home.

Susan and Ya-Who.

By the end of the week the daffodils were blooming everywhere.

Pale daffodils.

Yesterday I spent three hours photographing tombstones for an article I'm writing.


The little mausoleum had a really beautiful stained glass window.

Oakwood mausoleum.

Ohmigosh, the sexton at the cemetery office was sexy! Never thought I would think that.

So back in Tucson, tired, need to go to bed early since tomorrow is a busy day at work. Next trip- visiting Mark & Brian, Adam, and Justin in Dallas in June.

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