Tuesday, April 24, 2007

On the way to the library this morning I saw a muskrat swimming in the pond. There is wildlife everywhere here. I've seen deer, a muskrat, ducks, male turkeys fighting, turtle, tadpoles, sandhill cranes, hawks, red-winged blackbirs, robins, and garter snakes. The snakes made me jump- they wiggle through Susan's backyard.

Yesterday I called my mother and said, "Let's go shopping!" I bought Susan a new microwave (she had the one my mother won as a prize in 1979!), a new toaster, and some measuring cups. I tried cooking in her kitchen and it was difficult. I came back and cleaned her kitchen, organized her cupboards and fixed the broken drawer. Hopefully, that did not annoy her too much.

At the library now, looking up old newspaper articles. I'll stay a few hours and then go to the cemetery to take photos of tombstones. Exciting!

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