Saturday, April 21, 2007

A list of things to remember.

- cheese curds at the A. & W. in the Minneapolis Airport.
- the Traverse City airport is completely new and beautifully done.
- the chirping of the frogs.
- seven deer in the field next to my sister's house.
- sandhill cranes, Jimbo would be jealous at how close I got to them.
- Mummy's absolutely awful poodle Darby. Who pees in the house and tried to pee on my leg.
- the turtle crossing the road that I put in Susan's pond.
- horrible pizza- beets!
- my brother's baby pigs
- trying to cook in my sister's kitchen, very difficult

It is spring time here and the last of the snow is rapidly melting. The daffodils are blooming and the tadpoles are swimming in the water. Red-winged blackbirds and robins all about. I miss spring time in Michigan.

Tomorrow- a visit with my other sister.

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