Monday, April 02, 2007

So far today:
- I took chocolate chip-walnut bars with chocolate ganache frosting to the crewmembers digging at the Mission site.
- I then took Thaddeus over and we excavated a 1 m by 2 m unit into a Hohokam pithouse at the Presidio site.
- afterwards I came home, took a shower, and drove to the office
- where I completed paper work and checked in bags of artifacts and samples and then
- I finished editing the 12 inch by 12 inch tiles for the Presidio park
- and then I drove home, stopping at Larry's rental to take down the For Rent sign because magically it appears to have been rented in less than one day
- and then I took a nap with all three cats
- after which I washed dishes, swept floors, Brady vacuumed the rug, I mopped floors, washed curtains,
- and now I'm going to take a shower
- and in about two hours Glenn will be here.

Below, some images of the new Presidio Park being built:

Church on mural.

Soldiers on mural.

Horno (bread oven) being built.

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