Monday, June 11, 2007

I made celery and onion quiche to take to the pool party. When I make this sorta thing, I just invent a recipe in my head. This one had diced celery, a Vidalia onion, fresh herbs from my garden, some mild cheese, and eggs. Celery and tomato slices on top as a pretty-upper.

Celery and onion quiches.

The water volleyball party was fun, but I mostly forgot to take pictures or the pictures have anatomical parts that aren't usually displayed on this website.

Homer and Roger.

I like how the pink blanket drapes so gracefully over Brady's shoulders.


As we were getting ready to leave I checked my cell phone and discovered that Scott had called. He was in Tucson, on his way back from Flagstaff. So Patrick, Brady, and I rushed home and then Scott and I went to The Grill for supper. Tasty food and a nice friend to hang out with.

Homer and Scott.

I gave him one of my Threadless t-shirts as a present. I told him to think of me when he is wearing it in San Francisco. I'm going there in September to visit peoples, so I'll be seeing him then.

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