Thursday, January 10, 2008

Convention Hell. Why did I come for the entire convention? The hotel I'm in sucks- ugly-as-fuck, poorly designed, broken elevator, hotel room is either too cold or too hot, and you can't shut the fucking curtains and the light shines in all night long.

The hotel the convention is in has very few chairs for sitting around in. The one sitting area is being used for a blood drive. So when you walk in the first thing you see is people's blood being sucked out by the Red Cross vampires.

During the morning session a fire alarm went off and we milled about, not really wanting to go outside in the 40-something weather. Outside, downtown Albuquerque is dead-dead-dead. The only excitement is that they are filming a movie at the ugly convention center, and reportedly Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite has been spotted. I only saw two young women in very short, bizarre skirts and makeup and another woman complaining about the fact that there were too many PAs, which I assume is "Production Assistant" and not "Prince Albert," 'cause you can never have too many of those around.

And everything closes at 2 PM and who wants to eat in the hotel restaurant, especially at the Albuquerque Doubletree Hotel, which is both super ugly, cold, and the selection looks awful. In contrast, the salsa at last night's reception was very good.

So yeah, I picked a wrong year to attend this conference.

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