Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Little Snowball let me pat her cute furry head this morning. We also played with a stick together. When I walked away she meowed at me to come back. Mummy says I am a lion tamer.

Just a moment ago I watched a very healthy-looking coyote contentedly scratch itself from my office window. Unfortunately, my camera battery is charging so no photograph.

Tonight is library night and Safeway night with Mummy. She is busy making me new curtains for my kitchen. I picked out the fabric at the quilting store on Saturday and the women there were so excited that a man was buying cloth, "Look he's tall and handsome!" one of them cried out (really, that is a quote). And then I ruined their crafting fantasies by telling them I am gay. Cruel and heartless I am. Anyways, the new curtains have turnips, onions, and asparagus in bright purple and green, I'll take a picture when they are hung up.

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