Saturday, May 16, 2009

Like one's youth, this particular type of cactus flowers briefly, and then the pretty blossom fades away and all that is left is the spiny body that will poke you if you touch it.

Cacti in my backyard.

I wandered around doing yardwork this morning. Henny-Penny followed me, curious to see what I was up to and excited when the water stirred up things. She sometimes finds delicious food when I do so. Just in case, she got the heel from a loaf of rye bread a few minutes ago and she is greedily pecking at it. No low-carb diet for her.

The cats woke me up several times last night, fighting naughtily. Mama Cat was annoyed with Snowball. Joey and Puff were fighting over who got to sleep next to Daddy (me). Joey likes to sleep with her head on my shoulder, she feels safe there from Puff, who will sometimes swat her because he can be mean. So here it is 10:38 AM and I am slightly groggy and you should see my hair sticking every which way.

I am having lunch with Larry and we may go some place. David A.'s 50th birthday party is tonight. I am busy. I need to find time to clean house before Brett gets here. I do not want him freaking out about the cat hair that seems to be everywhere at this moment.

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