Monday, June 08, 2009

Cathi Herrod is an evil "person." She leads the group Center for Arizona Policy, which pushes for fundamentalist "Christian" ideals. For at least 18 years she has fought, often successfully, against every LGBT legislation or ordinance in the State of Arizona. It doesn't matter how small or insignificant these measures are. Cathi Herrod HATES LGBT people. A few years back the City of Tucson decided to offer joint library cards to lesbian or gay couples and she tried to stop that from happening.

Words cannot describe how much I loathe this woman. She makes a living promoting hatred against gays and lesbians. She is our own little version of Maggie Gallagher, minus that unattractive red jacket that Maggoty wears in every interview.

Last year the voters in Arizona passed Prop 102 which was a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage. At the time the Yes of Prop 102 claimed that they were not interested in changing existing domestic partnerships. Well, they are a bunch of fucking liars, of course, and now the Arizona State Legislature has passed a bill, backed by Herrod's group, that would rescind the Domestic Partner benefits created by Janet Napolitano when she was our governor. The families of about 750 state employees, both straight and gay, will lose their health care benefits, saving the state about three million dollars. And that piece of stinking crap Herrod's group's website claims they are "pro-family." I don't see how taking health insurance coverage away from little kids is in any way "pro-family."

So now the bill is waiting to be signed by our Republican governor, Jan Brewer. Will she sign it? I dunno. Hopefully she has heard from the state employees that will be affected by this bill. She has a soft spot for children, so maybe she will think about little kids not being able to see a doctor. On the other hand, maybe she, like that Satanic Cathi Herrod, doesn't care about LGBT folks. I am not very hopeful.

Can I just say how much I wish the fundamentalists would have their make-believe Tribulation and just go away and leave the rest of us alone?

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