Thursday, June 04, 2009

I told myself, "You are going to find a point today." And I did, although it was missing its tip.

Spear head (click pictures to see close ups).

During the San Pedro phase (2,800 to 3,200 years ago), people hunted animals and conducted warfare with different techniques and tools. At open-air sites, we tend to only find their spear heads (the bow and arrow had not yet been invented in the American Southwest). In dry sites, such as caves, archaeologists have found snares and nets made from plant fiber and human hair that were used to catch small animals and birds. Wooden clubs, useful for beating things on their heads have also been found. I'm not sure if bolas were used here or not. Sometimes people would have drives where they would line up and beat the bushes and the animals would run ahead, get directed by people standing on the sides, and end up being killed in an enclosure. I am sure that little kids were stationed in the fields to kill any rabbits or rodents that came looking for a meal.

Animal bones, mostly jackrabbit.

As I am digging I collect any animal bones that I see since they break easily. Other bones are found as I am screening the dirt. We use 1/4 inch mesh screen, and I know that some of the smaller bones fall through the screen. But if we screened through window mesh it would take much longer and we only have so much time to dig before construction starts.

In other news, I went to the gym and when I came home I went running, going a little further than I had on Tuesday. My legs are not as sore as they were yesterday. According to the scale at the gym I weight 211.6 pounds with my gym clothes on.

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