Thursday, July 09, 2009

So it poured yesterday, a typical monsoon storm, and Forrest and I climbed out of the pool at Sandy, Mark, and Zane's house. They arrived shortly thereafter and we hung out for a while. On our way home we had to detour around areas where power poles had come down and the streets were flooded.

This morning I drove out to the dig site to find nobody there. Apparently they forgot to alert me. I walked over to where I was working and the pit I was digging was half full of water. A big mess.

So today I am sitting in the lovely air conditioning at the office. Just chatted with Brett, who asked me if I was obsessed and I told him no. He also asked about Henny-Penny, who is doing fine although I can't find where she is laying eggs (perhaps she has stopped because of the wretched heat).

Tonight's excitement will be a sink of dirty dishes and laundry. Not every moment can be spent hanging out in pools, no matter how much fun that sounds.

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