Thursday, August 20, 2009

I know everyone thinks archaeology is glamorous... but work at the sewer plant is hot, sweaty, smelly, and dirty.

This morning I worked on a large storage pit. I had to climb inside to remove the charcoal-stained earth that had filled in around 3,000-years-ago.


The sweat was literally running down my face and over my glasses. My shirt was soaked and then muddy.


The worst is the sweat that runs down my arms. The dirt I dig out ends up on my arms and turns into mud. Sometimes I have to scrape it off with my trowel.

And of course I didn't find anything interesting in that pit.

Caramia, digging a nearby pithouse, found a complete figurine of a woman.


If you click on the image you can see it close up. The rod at the top has a stylized nose. It attached to a "rain-drop" body. I have found several of the "rain-drops" but didn't know what they were. This one has two small attached breasts and a series of incised lines on the body. These were previously unknown until our current dig.

Off to San Diego tomorrow to see Chris and Joe!

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