Monday, August 24, 2009

I had an excellent time on my trip to San Diego, even after someone stole my camera at the Phoenix airport. I forgot it on my seat when I went to the bathroom and when I realized that and went back, it was gone. That camera was my trusty friend for over 4 years, I will miss it, especially that fold-out screen that made taking self-portraits a snap.

Chris and Joe picked me up at the airport and took me to their lovely Arts and Craft style home, perched high on the side of the hill. We went that night to see a horrible Hitchcock movie, Topaz, but the group of guys was fun and I got to meet two nice (and handsome!) gay archaeologists.

The next day we went up to see Andy and the flint knappers at his cabin in the Laguna Mountains.

Chris and Joe.

The weather was perfect and the scenery was beautiful.


That night we went to a bar where people were line-dancing and two stepping. I did not participate because I have three left feet. I did wear my cute cowboy shirt.

On Sunday Chris dropped me off at Ted and Rob's very cute house. I got to meet their three cats before we went for Middle Eastern food (mine was really good, Ted's not-so-digestible).

Ted, before the indigestion.

Rob, who suffered naught.

We went to The Hole and I saw some attractive men and had some beer. Afterward, we went home and I drunk-cooked.

We shouldn't be handling knives.

I made pesto pizza, which came out really nice. And then I made a West Coast version of the Rage-Inducing Lemon Meringue Pie. I managed to forget to put in the cream of tartar and had to use brown sugar, so the meringue part probably won't induce much rage.

Does this make you angry?

Everything is well at home and I was pleased to learn that the second of the proposals I worked on was successful, so I will be gainfully employed in the coming months.

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