Friday, August 28, 2009

Busy week and being in a bad mood for most of it, well, haven't felt like writing about that. So I'm going to talk about archaeology and meals instead.

Out at the dig site we are in the last month of work, clearing areas from east to west. I have been digging many pits, discovering what shape they were dug out of 3000-years-ago or so. During work with the backhoe, two grinding stones (metates) were located. Yesterday I excavated the pit.

As located, as always, you can click on the picture to enlarge it.

I carefully cleared the soil around from the metates and then photographed them again. We try to document the most interesting and significant finds with photographs.

Uncovered metates.

After I drew the map showing how the grinding stones sat in the pit, I removed them.


About 3,000-years-ago someone carefully placed the two upside-down in a half-filled pit, storing them for whenever they returned (except they never returned). They used small handstones (manos) to grind corn into meal and other seeds like amaranth into edible flour.

Speaking of food, Forrest and I went to Amrutha for dinner Thursday night.

Forrest contemplates the masala dosa.

Forrest showed me how some of the settings on my new camera worked.

I am wearing my favorite tee-shirt.

Afterwards we went to Savers department thrift store and I bought a golden brown polyester shirt that I wore tonight, while having dinner with John at a Lebanese restaurant.


The hummous was horrid, but the tabouli was great. John got to listen to me talk about my bad mood, and afterwards I felt better.

Tomorrow's adventure, a new cell phone and some new trowels- I broke two at work in the last two weeks.

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