Monday, August 03, 2009

I'm going to San Diego for a weekend in a few weeks- staying with my friends Chris and Joe first and then a night with Kevin. I am very excited to see them and escape the wretched heat for a few days. It has been above 100, mostly above 105, for several weeks and my house is a steamy oven.

This morning I put on my striped pants, one of the two shirts I have that actually have sleeves that fit, and my wing-tips ($8 at the the thrift store). Once a year I dress up for work and I got the usual questions, 'Why are you wearing those nice clothes?" Because I have them.

I made vanilla custard ice cream on Saturday and it came out really nice. The cake I made, chocolate mayonnaise with chocolate buttercream filling, was really good too. I forgot to take a picture of it.

I just ate a maple cookie, so I will have to do a couple of minutes of extra cardio at the gym to burn off those delicious calories.

And so on. I met someone named Zorro yesterday. We discussed how unusual our names were (Forrest was nearby, he got included in the strange name discussion). We agreed that having an unusual name can be a very good thing (people remember you) or a very bad thing (people remember you).

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