Thursday, August 06, 2009

So yesterday it was 108 degrees (42 Celsius) and it was miserable out at the sewer plant digging, the sweat was running off of me and despite drinking as much water as I could, I still had a headache when I came home. I ran over afterwards to visit with Kyle, who just had his left hip replaced Monday, and had a nice visit. Then spent some time shopping for birthday presents.

When I got home, the headache was horrible and my house was a nightmare, probably in the 90s due to the high humidity and heat. I broke down and went and bought a window air conditioner unit. Ohmigolly, it was like an ice storm broke out in the living room. So I lay on the couch and my headache magically disappeared.

Today, not so hot. I excavated a portion of a pit containing the co-mingled remains of three dogs who died about 3,000-years-ago. An adult, a dog nearing adulthood, and a puppy. The bones were very poorly preserved and mostly fell into pieces. It was an unpleasant time.

Later, as we were covering things up, someone found a tarantula hiding under a tarp. I scooted it into a bucket, then put it into my lunch box, and brought it home. I let it loose in a pile of brush in my backyard, where it can burrow down in during the day and come out at night to eat insects.

Tarantula! (and yes, that is my hand)

They are pretty amazing creatures, quite docile and don't mind being handled.

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