Saturday, September 12, 2009

10 years ago yesterday I moved into my house on Palomas Avenue. This is the longest I have ever lived in one place.

La Casa de Homero.

I paid $85,500 for it, at that time that seemed like a lot of money. In the years since I have made the following improvements:

- new roof on the house and guesthouse
- new electricity for the upper part of the house
- remodeled the kitchen and both bathrooms
- new metal fence for the backyard
- new plumbing and gasline for the guesthouse

Vince landscaped much of the backyard for me. A tree that I got at my housewarming party (on the left side of the picture) towers over the house.

Mama Cat was wandering around the backyard when I moved in. She moved into the house in March 1999 and promptly gave birth to five kittens, including Puff and Joey. There were other kittens who showed up and were given away. The bf left in September 2002, that was a fucking awful time in my life. And this January Henny-Penny and Snowball showed up in the backyard.

So my house feels like a home. I wish I could find a nice guy to share it with me.

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