Sunday, September 13, 2009

I should never mention being single on my blog because I end up getting snarky comments that hurt my feelings. In particular, "DS" is more than welcome to stop reading my blog.

So Brian and Mason came down from Phoenix to take me out to an early birthday lunch. I made chocolate mayonnaise cupcakes and invented a frosting recipe (package of cream cheese, about 1/3 cup dark cocoa powder, and 2 cups powdered sugar).

They were very good.

We went to The Grill and I had the spinach ravioli in herb sauce and tater tots. It was very naughty and good. Afterwards we went to the Presidio Park.

Mason and Brian wait their turn to confess to the priest.

It is always fun to pose in front of the mural.

Mason likes animals.

We went up to the top of Sentinel Peak and looked around, then back to the house where we sat around and talked for a few hours. After they left my house seemed quiet.

Later on I went to Sandy/Mark/Zane's house and played a party game with Forrest, Travis, and Wenona. I impressed a couple of the guys with my whistling skills. Although I am not musically inclined, for some reason I can whistle in tune.

Later I came home and read snarky comments on my blog and went to bed puzzling over why total strangers feel the need to say mean things, but then I am not innocent in that regard since I have said mean things about Maggie Gallagher and other religious fanatics, but never had the pleasure of chatting with her in person or sharing delicious cupcakes, which I am sure they would like as much as the other people who have had them.

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