Thursday, October 22, 2009

Allen found a charming artifact in the outhouse pit he is excavating.

Mexican painted duck.

It may be a piggy bank, but we haven't found all of the pieces yet (it does have four legs though). We have to wait until the backhoe pulls back the surrounding area because we have reached the five ft level, and we are very careful about following OSHA rules.

We have almost finished exposing the foundations of the railroad club house.

Two rows of floor joist supports run down the center of the building.

Nearby we cut a trench and found the railroad ice house. The floor is 6.5 ft below the ground surface, we measured a section before filling the trench back to the 5 ft level. The ice house was filled in around 1905-1910, and they merely knocked the adobe brick walls over into the deep pit. In three places we could see the adobe bricks lying in place.

Looking into the trench, stacked chocolate brown adobe bricks in the side wall.

And in utterly unrelated news- Brian sent me a t-shirt:

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