Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Did you find any gold yet? People always ask archaeologists this, or whether we are looking for dinosaurs. And we always say, "No, we never find any gold." Or, "Paleontologists look for dinosaurs, not archaeologists."

Well today, we didn't find any dinosaurs, but as Benny was cleaning out an old ceramic sewer pipe he found a gold ring.

Gold ring, modeled by yours truly.

It was as bright and shiny today as it was probably 50 or 60 years ago, when someone dropped it into a sink or toilet. The design on it suggests to me that it was made in Mexico.

The dig is winding down, we are clearing out the last of the dirt around the brick foundations. Today I worked with the backhoe as we stripped dirt off of another area, tracing lines of brown and gray adobe bricks for a warehouse completed in September 1880.

Southern Pacific clubhouse (brick foundation), circa 1904, and washroom (concrete foundation), circa 1920s.

It has suddenly turned cold here- highs in the 50s tomorrow. I am wearing my red longjohns as I type this.

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