Monday, October 12, 2009

A weekend of friends, cats, and pudding.

Friday night I had supper with Mark and Ahmet. We sat around afterwards and discussed many different topics. I should never eat spaghetti- the sauce always flies everywhere.

Mark and Ahmet.

Saturday I picked up around the house and visited with Forrest, who is slowly recuperating from his tonsilectomy. It is very painful for him to eat anything. The pain pills only can do so much.

Forrest and Puff.

Snowball is almost all grown up, although his permanent teeth are still coming in. He is going to get some shots soon, I wonder whether he will scream in the car (Puff and Joey do). He has something wrong with his lungs, after he runs around in the house he pants loudly. I suspect it is because when I found him in the backyard he was half-starved and maybe his little lungs didn't get fully grown.

Snowball, lounging.

Saturday was Tucson Pride and I went with Steve and did not take my camera. We had an excellent time.

The highlight of yesterday was making Forrest some butterscotch pudding. Surprisingly easy to make and very delicious. He had three bowls.

Butterscotch pudding.

I sat on the couch with Mama Cat and Joey and watched the Amazing Race and was disappointed with who was eliminated.

Mama Cat and Joey.

In the office again this week, out in the field next week. The weather is lovely and I'm excited to go to Las Vegas for the weekend. Lots of things to do before Mummy gets here November 16.

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