Friday, November 06, 2009

Forrest and I went to Casa Vicente for Spanish food. We both had the gazpacho soup. It was delicious.

Forrest is excited about the parsley.

I had given a talk there the night before, and was somewhat distracted by the food while I talked about archaeology. So I suggested we go there. Forrest's throat is mostly healed from his tonsilectomy, and he can eat normal stuff now. No more pudding and milkshakes.

The friendly black tomcat came by our table and agreed to pose for pictures.

Don't tell Puff.

It was a nice time. And then last night I had supper with Kyle and Todd at Indian Oven. Perhaps I should eat some 'Merican food today.

As an aside, alright I admit to being a bit gleeful that Carrie Prejean got caught having a sex tape. I wonder what that piece-of-shit Maggie Gallagher, who hyped her as the most virtuous woman ever, is thinking right now.

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