Monday, November 30, 2009

I spent most of the day at work piecing together broken ceramics from my recent dig.

Most of these are from the 1880s.

I am determining how many dishes, what types are present, and identifying the manufacturer's marks, where possible. The cup with the brown rose design was made in England, the pattern registered in 1880.

One of the outhouse pits had a smashed Mexican duck sculpture. I was skeptical that I could put it together, thinking that a lot of the pieces were missing.

I was wrong.

This was a hard one to put together because some of the pieces were burned and so the conjoins were not obvious. I use masking tape to hold them together, and will only glue a couple of the dishes and the duck pot for the report photographs.

Duck from top.

And speaking of dishes, a friend of my co-worker gave me her grandmother's wedding china from 1909. Originally a place setting for 12, I have enough for 11 complete settings. It was manufactured by the Habsburg China Company of Austria. I have to figure out where to store the boxes, since I don't have much closet space in my house.

Scalloped edges with brushed gold trim.

My mother was skeptical about a little craft project I undertook. One of the neighbor's fig tree branches had died so I cut it off. I liked the shape, so I decided to use it for a Holiday decoration. I spray painted it metallic silver, stuck it into a metal flower vase and packed soil around it. Voila! I hung gold and red ornaments, a few pine cones, and some acorn or pine cone glass ornaments. I think it came out nice.

Snowball wants to pat the ornaments.

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