Sunday, November 29, 2009

I took Mummy to the Butterfly Magic exhibit at the Tucson Botanical Gardens. The exhibit is inside a very humid greenhouse stocked with various types of tropical plants. It was somewhat ironic that the most interesting butterfly in the exhibit was actually an enormous moth.


There were handy identification guides available to look at- but there were perhaps 150 illustrated butterflies and I didn't bother to look through to figure out which ones were which.

A red one. With small white spots.

Yes the butterflies were pretty, but there was nothing particularly educational about the exhibit. I had to ask a volunteer where they came from.

And a blue one.

No information about the whys, wheres, hows, etc. of butterflies. So in that regard, a big "What's the purpose?"

Mummy enjoyed it though. She kept telling me take a picture of that one.


Afterwards we walked around the gardens. Then we went to the Humane Society and looked at dogs and Mummy kept getting in the way of the guy trying to feed the dogs. So I dragged her out of there and we went to Trader Joe's, where she got the vanilla meringue cookies she likes (there are gluten-free and taste like the marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal).

At home I served leftover white bean soup (global warming alert!) and fried some polenta, which Mummy declared was really corn meal mush. I told her it was a fancy Italian dish, but really she was right.

Back to work tomorrow, which is probably a good thing as I am going a bit stir crazy.

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