Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving is my second least favorite holiday, with Valentine's Day getting the number one spot. But I still cooked mama a nice meal- cheesy vegetable quiche, mashed taters and parsnips, cranberry walnut sauce (I invented the recipe, it was very good), and a gluten-free carrot cake. Mama liked everything. Later in the afternoon we went to Michael's craft store and she bought yarn for a couple of presents, while I got 10 art craft kits to take to the local elementary school for them to give to needy kids.

Today, got my hairs cut by barber Paul.


While Mummy is here I am working on finishing one of my local history books. I am close to finishing it, although I am finding lots of loose ends that need to be completed.

I think I will be sneaking into the next State Dinner, dressed in my 1890s suit.

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