Thursday, November 19, 2009

My mother arrived on Monday. She had difficulty in the first airplane (fell down while getting off of it), and she is saying this is her last time coming out here. She is feeling her age at 77.5. Well, my goal over the next three to five months is to get her healthier. More exercise, a better diet. She would rather drink a can of mango juice than eat lunch. What is it about elderly parents regressing?

So every afternoon we go some place and I make her walk around. She doesn't walk enough, which is a big problem. Last night she didn't have the right socks on and her shoes were loose. That made walking extra difficult. I did not go batshit crazy, although I almost wanted to.

I found the frozen Southwestern vegetable mixture that she likes and steamed some, sprinkling a little mozzarrella cheese on top. She was astounded that I could do that. Mummy always was a horrible, unimaginative cook. I am having to be very inventive because of her gluten-free/diabetic diet. Maybe quesadillas tonight.

Otherwise, we are falling into a routine and I'm thinking about what to do for Thanksgiving lunch. I purchased a couple of gluten-free pie crusts so I am thinking a cheesey parsnip and sundried tomato quiche, mashed potatoes, and a gluten-free carrot cake with cream cheese filling. She will have to take extra insulin that day.

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