Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Post 1969. My computer repairs will be completed tomorrow. I am thankful because I have been forced to read some of those "book" things that people used to read, back in the day before we became civilized through the wonders of bigmuscle.com or facebook. I even watched a telly show about Cold-Blooded Animals (and I am not talking about Maggie Gallagher, because even lizards apparently have feelings) with Mummy. I learned some facts, but sadly I have forgotten them.

I completed a report filled with Science and turned it over to our Editoress, who will make all of the verbs match. Now I am researching long-dead peoples and finding many errors in a report someone else (not from my company) wrote, because they confused two men who inconveniently had the same name.

I just checked and see that the only other man in the United States with my name is still alive and living in Florida. About 14 years ago a WW II vet contacted me, asking me if I was the son of this man, who he had gone off to Guadalacanal with in 1945 or so. I found the man he was looking for on the very rudimentary internet of 1995, and sent the guy a note with the other Homer's phone number. The guy wrote back and told me how happy he was to talk to the other Homer, who he hadn't heard from in 50 years. The likelihood of anyone ever confusing me with the other Homer, who is 87, is slight.

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