Monday, December 28, 2009

I drove north to the land of freeways to make pizzas for Mason. He was hosting a post-Holiday party, and I was glad to escape and be among my peers for a night. Mummy watched over the cats and Henny-Penny, and didn't burn the house down.


It was nice to see Brian and meet new people including Todd, George, Mike, Craig, and Jordan. Most of my pictures didn't turn out, so you will have to see the ones that Todd took or Craig took. Mason told me I snore, which I very well might, but perhaps not as loud as he does!

On the drive back I was very annoyed that the State of Arizona closed all of the rest stops to save money. Of course, the businesses along Interstate 10 are now paying for the water, toilet paper, and maintenance of their own bathrooms. Way to go Republicans... foist the restroom costs onto other people.

And lookyloo, another pathetic terrorist on an airplane and now a whole new set of rules. The terrorists won, we lost. What a bunch of fucking bullshit. So we are supposed to sit for the last hour in our seats without getting up and nothing on our laps. Honestly, riding in an airplane just seems fucktarded now. I would rather eat up an extra vacation day or two, rent a rental car, and see a little more of the country than go through the hassle of the anal probes and flouride rinses and forced immobilization that air travelers will be undergoing after the next ridiculous incident.

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