Thursday, December 24, 2009

I was taking stuff to the recycling bin and I heard a rustling noise. What was that?

Rustle, rustle.

It was a young javelina eating banana peels and corn cobs. Soon it was chomping on zuchini and a pineapple heart.

Clever the way it hold its food with its foot.

I called Mummy to come quick and watch and she staggered in, thinking the end of the world must be happening. She was excited to see it too.

As was Puff.

After eating Henny-Penny's laying mash and other assorted things it is now wandering around my yard trying to figure out how to leave.

So awesomely cute.

This is the first time I have had a javelina come visit. I hope it finds its way safely back to the mountain. I left the back gate open and shut the laundry room door so Henny-Penny would be safe. I'll check when I get home from the parties tonight to see is it has left.

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