Monday, December 07, 2009

Post 1977. This was the year I went to see Star Wars on my 14th birthday. My future brother-in-law Jeff took me and my siblings to the movie theater. I was so excited, I was a little science fiction nerd back before it was trendy for gay guys to be into science fiction. I was obsessed about Star Wars- my sister got me the Burger King posters (which I still have somewhere) and a horrible K-tel recording of the soundtrack.

My mother thought science fiction was a waste of time (she is partial to mystery books, another waste of time). Nowadays when I go to the library I look through the science fiction section and yuck. Most of it is science fantasy- wizards and unicorns and magic. The last good books in that genre were written by China Mieville (Perdito Street Station is awesome).

So dear readers, any suggestions on science fiction books I should take a gander to?

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