Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Supper with Mummy, Forrest, Sandy, and Mark.

First course: mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, and artichoke hearts.

Jimbo gave me the bowl a couple of years ago.

Second course: vegetarian shepherd's pie...

Baking in my 1950s Visibake.

And cranberry, raisin, and walnut compote.

I invented both recipes.

Desert was a gluten-free carrot cake (from a spice cake mix made by Namaste) with vanilla cream cheese frosting.

It is very, very good- you can't tell that it does not have wheat flour.

I put my red and gold holiday table cloth on the table.

Note the new ristra chili pepper holiday lights.

After a while Henny-Penny came in for a visit. She had some cake too.

True story- after she finished eating cake she wiped her beak on a napkin.

She also sat in Sandy's lap.

She has remarkable table manners.

No big holiday party this year. Instead, a few friends over on Sunday to decorate the tree.

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