Thursday, December 17, 2009

Post 1981. Yesterday I took a few hours off in the afternoon to have some me-time. I went to the movie theatre and purchased a ticket to see the end of the world, via 2012. My favorite character in the movie perished. And I was the only person in the theater for that particular movie. That was weird.

And then I went home and peeled tiny onions (a pain in the butt) and made Mummy pearl onions in Alfredo sauce, along with some French fries, for supper. She really liked the onions. But 24 hours later my hands still smell of onions, which doesn't bother me, but might someone else, if there was in fact someone else.

Holiday is soon here and I can't say that I am particularly excited about it. I am looking forward to the drive on Sunday down to Cobban and Ray's house for lunch and a visit. It has been too long since I have seen them!

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