Saturday, December 19, 2009

Well it is 8:42 PM on a Saturday night and I am going to make a banana cream pie soon. Lord! I know how to lead the decadent homosexual lifestyle! I am busy working on one of my genealogy books, and on the computer this horrible 1950s movie "Day the World Ended" is playing. I am learning that radiation is a real bad thing. Also that cheap movies had cheap movie sets back then, with walls that wobble when the actors bump into them.

Today I dragged Mummy around 4th Avenue. We went to the 4th Avenue Underpass and inspected my tile, way up high with the top of my head cut off.

The guy on the lower left of me is very cute.

We walked up and down 4th Avenue and every time we went into a shop I was anxious she would break something, since Clumsy seems to have replaced Mary as her middle name. Luckily, nothing was smashed. However, once home she promptly broke an antique holiday ornament. This was not unexpected, she always breaks two or three things over the course of her stay with me.

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